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The studio has been created by Beata and Marcin Chlebowscy since 1990. The name refers to its seat, it is the picturesque Antoniów in the Izera Mountains. From the beginning it has the formula of an author's studio, all works are made to order.

The activity of the studio is a combination of design, artistic, craft and conservation work. In his projects, he uses the oldest classic stained glass technique, dating back to the Middle Ages, these are stained glass windows painted with contour paint, patinas, enamels, fired in a furnace at high temperatures and folded into lead strips, and the over a hundred-year-old Tiffany method, as well as mixed technique and glass mosaic . Separate chapters of her work are the conservation and reconstruction of stained glass, for which the studio has the appropriate authorization, as well as the design and implementation of lighting.

The "Antoniów" studio also conducts educational activities and popularizes stained glass art, is open to tourists, organizes workshops and shows, cooperates with local cultural institutions and associations, is a member of the national ARS Vitrea Polona Association, which brings together stained glass artists and stained glass enthusiasts.

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