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Antoniow Stained Glass Workshop

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Welcome to our website - a place where artistic craftsmanship meets craftsmanship that has been celebrated for hundreds of years, in accordance with tradition. It is here, in the workshop, that our lamps and stained glass windows are made. Lower Silesia is a valuable source of inspiration for us, which drives us to take up challenges in creation. We focus primarily on individual designs of stained glass windows, as well as utility items, because we deeply believe that personalization conveys much more value than duplicate patterns. Our stained glass studio focuses primarily on emotions - they are to be "enclosed" in glass, colors and every smallest element. 

Various stained glass windows. "Antoniów" Studio

We mainly design and make stained glass windows for individuals, although we also produce church stained glass windows. We are aware that what matters most in stained glass art is openness and an unconventional approach, but there is also the need to maintain good taste - as experienced craftsmen, we take this aspect very seriously. 


Stained glass studio. Where art meets craft…

Our work is primarily focused on the art of creating stained glass windows in accordance with techniques that were developed many centuries ago. Tradition is of great importance to us, hence we always hope that our individual stained glass designs will be appreciated by lovers of timeless craftsmanship. 

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